Glass Doors

  • It is far easier to find items with a glass door as they can be seen when the door closed. This helps to reduce door opening times which in turn helps to keep the product at the desired temperature..
  • In humid environments, the moisture in the air can condense on the outside surface of the cold glass and the metal surrounding the glass of the doors. The condensation makes it difficult to see inside the vaccine fridge and it can also present a safety risk with water pooling on the floor. Fridges with higher climate ratings experience much lower levels of condensation than fridges with lower climate ratings
  • Although double glazed and argon filled, glass doors still have poorer insulation properties. This means that they use more power and warm up faster if there is a power outage. This also means that glass is an inappropriate door material for most types of freezers.
  • Some medications are light-sensitive, but by storing these in their original boxes this reduces the risk of light exposure.
  • Sometimes you don't want your clientele to be able to see inside the fridge.

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