Pharmacy Fridges

Pharmacy Fridge

ENLAKE has Australia's widest range of pharmacy fridges allowing us to meet the needs of every pharmacy and hospital. All but a few of our larger pharmacy refrigerators are compliant with both the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCCP) as well as the new Australian Standard AS85000: Quality Care Pharmacy Standard. Our large pharmacy fridges are traditionally used in hospitals, but they are fine to use in a QCCP pharmacy after performing in situ temperature data logging.

ENLAKE's pharmacy vaccine fridges include:

  • Under counter pharmacy fridges and benchtop pharmacy refrigerators
  • Upright pharmacy fridges
  • Glass door pharmaceutical fridges and solid door pharmaceutical refrigerators

ENLAKE can also custom make a pharmacy fridge for clients who need a larger fridge or additional features such as chart recorders. If you're unsure about which pharmacy refrigerator will best meet your needs, or you just want some friendly advice, please contact ENLAKE the pharmacy refrigeration experts.

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