Power Failures

Vaccine Fridges – What to do in the event of a power outage

During business hours

1. Check your electrical switchboard to see if any circuit breakers or Residual Current Devices (RCD) have been tripped. If they have try resetting them. If this fails ring your electrician.

2. If your switchboard is not the problem, contact your electricity provider to see how long the power outage will last.

3. Keep the vaccine fridge door closed and closely monitor the temperature.

4. If the vaccine fridge has a glass door, cover the door with a thick blanket. Ensure that the blanket does not cover the motor or cover any of the vents. The blanket should slow the temperature rise of the vaccine fridge.

5. If the power outage is expected to be longer than 30 minutes, or the refrigerator temperature reaches 14 degrees Celsius, transfer the vaccines to a predesignated safe storage fridge or ready prepared cooler or cold box. Continue to monitor the temperature of the vaccines.

Outside business hours

If there is a power failure outside of normal business hours you will have no way of knowing until the next business day unless your vaccine fridge is connected to an alarm. Most vaccine fridges have or can be optioned with an alarm output. This alarm output may be connected to the premises security alarm.

Other recommendations

1. Consider purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply This device which is also known as a UPS will allow the vaccine fridge to run on battery backup. A UPS by itself typically gives a run time of around 1 hour. The run time may be greatly extended with the addition of 1 or more battery packs.

2. Consider the viability of having a back up generator. If you do pursue this option than ensure that the generator is placed outdoors.

3. Be familiar with Strive for 5.