Exquisite Marketing

Exquisite Marketing Australia Pty. Ltd. was established in 2004 as an importer and distributor of commercial refrigeration products. Exquisite Marketing Australia has a strong team environment and provides all clients with a reliable and highly valued service. Since the start of the business, Exquisite Marketing has grown each year, thanks to their customer support, and the quality of their products and services. Exquisite now has a commercial refrigeration range for commercial kitchen needs, display refrigeration for stores, a medical refrigeration range (Exquisite Medical Refrigeration)as well as various other refrigeration product. Their objective is to provide clients with high-quality equipment that performs exceptionally well in diverse climates supported by a reliable service network throughout the region. Exquisite Marketing Australia prides itself on providing trustworthy service, delivered by our dedicated staff who have the experiences and skills to advise you on all your refrigeration requirements.