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ENLAKE sells Australia's biggest range of vaccine fridges and vaccine fridge accessories. As we have so many makes and models of vaccine fridges to choose from, we encourage you to contact ENLAKE to discuss which medical fridge will best meet your needs. We will help you select the vaccine fridge best suited to your cold chain needs considering your budget, usage, operating environment and required volume.

ENLAKE's collection of vaccine refrigerators (otherwise known as medical refrigerators or drug fridges) are all specially made for use in hospitals, pharmacies, medical centres and veterinary practices. Purpose-built medical fridges are designed for vaccine storage and the storage of temperature sensitive medicines. They are designed to maintain the refrigerator contents between 2°C and 8°C. These pharmaceutical grade medical refrigerators have features to help protect your products. Such features include:

• Fans to circulate the air and keep the temperature even everywhere in the medicine fridge
• Alarms to tell you if the vaccine fridge temperature has gone below 2°C or above 8°C
• Digital displays that show the minimum and maximum recorded temperature within the medicine fridge
• Auto-defrost cycles that prevent the build up of ice without affecting the product temperature
• Lockable doors

The best medical vaccine fridges add more features to keep your vaccines and medicines safe and save you money. Examples of these features include:

• Lower power consumption and hence lower power bills
• Quieter operation
• Tighter temperature control
• Door open alarms that remind you to close the door
• Remote alert system
• Higher climate ratings. This allows a medicine fridge to handle hot and or humid conditions found in many parts of Australia

ENLAKE has every imaginable size of vaccine fridge for sale. We are sure to meet your needs, with products ranging from small vaccine fridges that will sit on the top of a bench to large vaccine refrigerators with one, two or three doors.

ENLAKE offers a wide selection of medical refrigerators from respected manufacturers. These manufacturers include; Avem Quirks, Bromic Refrigeration, Exquisite Medical Australia, ICS Pacific, LIEBHERR, Nuline Refrigeration, Thermoline Scientific and Vacc-Safe.

Before you buy your next medical fridge, we encourage you to contact us so that you can tap into our wealth of knowledge and choose the best vaccine fridge for you.

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Vaccine Fridge + Laboratory Refrigeration Manuals (all superseded)

Here is a long list of operating manuals for a bunch of products that ENLAKE has sold over the years. These manuals are for products that are no longer in production. They include many models of vaccine fridges,  laboratory fridges, laboratory freezers, thermometers and data loggers.These manuals will come in handy if you have lost your original manual or if you have purchased the device second hand. Arrowsmith & Grant Arrowsmith & Grant AG308BP USER MANUALAVEM Quirks After 2016 Medisafe vaccine fridges...

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National Vaccine Storage Guidelines – Strive for 5

If you are storing vaccines or you are looking at buying a vaccine fridge then it is highly recommended that you get, read and understand The National Vaccine Storage Guidelines which provides information and advice for vaccine storage management. Strive for 5 was written to help all Australian immunisation service providers, from medical practices to large hospitals, clinics and outreach providers. The publication’s title refers to Strive for 5 degrees Celsius (°C) – that is, the point midway between +2°C...

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Vaccine Receival Protocol

To help maintain an effective cold chain, the following steps should be followed on receival of vaccines: • Ensure a staff member is designated as the administrator of vaccines and vaccine storage. A back-up administrator is also needed to take responsibility for vaccines in the absence of the primary administrator. • Check the dispatch date and cold chain monitors (if used). If the delivery has taken more than three days, or the monitor indicates that the cold chain has not been...

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Power Failures

Vaccine Fridges - What to do in the event of a power outage During business hours 1. Check your switchboard to see if any circuit breakers or Residual Current Devices (RCD) have been tripped. If they have try resetting them. If this fails ring your electrician. 2. If your switchboard is not the problem, contact your electricity provider to see how long the power outage will last. 3. Keep the vaccine fridge door closed and closely monitor the temperature. 4. If the power outage is...

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Glass Door vs Solid Door Vaccine Fridges

Location of Stock Glass doors - It is far easier to find items in a glass door vaccine fridge as they can be easily seen with the door closed. This helps to reduce door opening times and to help keep the vaccines in the desired temperature range. Solid doors - It can be harder to locate items with a solid door and therefore door opening times may be longer. This shouldn't present a significant problem as all vaccine fridges are designed...

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Choosing a Vaccine Fridge

Appropriate LocationThe placement of a vaccine refrigerator is critical. There needs to be enough space around a medical fridge to allow air movement. For most vaccine fridges, around 30 mm of clearance is required on each side of the fridge. There are a few models of vaccine fridges that are designed so that no clearance for ventilation is needed at all.It is best to place the refrigerator in an insulated room and not against an outside wall which is...

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Bromic Medical Fridges

ENLAKE has now added Bromic Refrigeration to our long list of vaccine fridge suppliers. Bromic is one of Australia's largest and most trusted suppliers of refrigeration equipment, and they have just introduced the Bromic MediFridge™ to the market. Bromic now offers three sizes of vaccine fridges.They have the MED0140GD which is a 145 litre fridge that is designed to be placed underneath a bench. The MED0220D is Bromic's mid-sized offering and it has a volume of 215 litres. Bromic's largest medical fridge...

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Vaccine Fridges – Purpose Built vs Domestic

NEWS FLASH - According to the latest National Vaccine Storage Guidelines: Strive for 5, domestic fridges may no longer be used for the storage of vaccines. Domestic refrigerators have many disadvantages when it comes to storing vaccines, some of which are very serious, including:They are often incapable of complying with the 2-8°C temperature range required for optimal vaccine storage. If the temperature drops to 0°C, the vaccines can be frozen, maling them impotent. Elevated temperatures can also make the vaccines...

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