AVEM Quirks Fridge

Avem Quirks AVEM Quirks is a proud Australian company that has provided innovative refrigeration solutions for well over 30 years. Avem Quirks is one of Australia's largest refrigeration and general service and repair providers, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Tamworth, Adelaide and Perth. In 2016 AVEM purchased Quirks Australia Refrigeration to become AVEM Quirks Pty Ltd. AVEM Quirks took over the production of the long-trusted Medisafe brand of Australian designed purpose built vaccine refrigerators. Medisafe vaccine fridges were first introduced into the Australian market in 2010. Their current vaccine fridge range is feature-packed, resulting in a vaccine storage solution that gives you peace of mind – knowing that your vaccines are stored in the safest possible manner. In 2020 the AQM range of budget-priced vaccine fridges was added to their product lineup. These imported vaccine fridges don't have all of the features of a Medisafe fridge, but they are sharply priced and they still meet all of the requirements of Strive for Five (Australia's National Vaccine Storage Guidelines). In 2021 the Avem Quirks fridge range was expanded by adding a selection of Danish manufactured ultra-low temperature freezers suitable for the long term storage of mRNA vaccines and laboratory samples. Avem Quirks have one of the most extensive networks of technicians of any service provider in Australia and take pride in the quality and expertise of their service personnel. As a result, they can confidently commit to delivering high-quality service and support in more locations, more responsively than any other supplier. Avem Quirks also offers preventative service contracts designed to keep vaccine refrigerators working at their peak condition throughout the year.