Glass Door vs Solid Door Vaccine Fridges

Glass Door vs Solid Door Vaccine Fridges

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Glass doors – It is far easier to find items in a glass door vaccine fridge as they can be readily seen with the door closed. Glass door help to reduce door opening times and to help keep the vaccines in the desired temperature range.

Solid doors – It can be harder to locate items with a solid door, and therefore door opening times may be longer. This shouldn’t present a significant problem as all vaccine fridges are designed to rapidly bring the temperature back down to the desired temperature range. Door opening times can be reduced by having a vaccine fridge map located on the door.

Glass doors – Although double glazed and argon filled, glass doors still have poorer insulation properties. If there is a power outage its advisable to cover the glass door with a thick blanket.

Solid doors – Better insulation, lower power usage and better cold retention in the event of power outages.

Light impact
Glass doors – Some vaccines are light-sensitive, but by storing vaccines in their original boxes, this reduces the risk of light exposure.

Solid doors – Don’t let light in through the door and the interior light only operates if the door is open.

Glass doors – If you don’t want your customers to see inside your glass door vaccine refrigerator, it would be best to locate it away from your patients.

Solid doors – Keeps drugs and vaccines out of sight and out of mind.

Glass doors – In humid environments, the moisture in the air can condense on the outside surface of the cold glass and the metal surrounding the glass of the doors. The condensation makes it difficult to see inside the vaccine fridge, and it can also present a safety risk with water pooling on the floor.

Solid doors – Solid door fridges don’t suffer from this problem as they have superior insulation, meaning that the door surfaces aren’t as cold.

Glass doors – Typically slightly more expensive.

Solid doors – Typically slightly cheaper.

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