Nuline Refrigeration

Nuline Refrigeration's range of biomedical refrigeration products and options is massive. ENLAKE's biomedical expertise will find the right product for you.
Established in 1985, Nuline Refrigeration is an Australian owned and run family business. Now with over fifty years of experience in the refrigeration industry, Nuline Refrigeration quickly became one of the major manufacturers in the refrigeration and catering industry. Today Nuline cabinets can be found Australia wide in hospitals, medical centres, pharmacies, laboratories, convenience stores, bakeries, cafes, shopping centres, clubs, bars and restaurants. Nuline Refrigeration was one of the first Australian companies to supply purpose-built vaccine fridges into the Australian market. Some of the same models are still in production decades later. From there, Nuline Refrigeration expanded its medical range to also include mortuary fridges and freezers, fluid warmers, blanket warmers and refrigerated incubators. Nuline specialises in quality cabinets.   Their extensive range of Australian built cabinets is complemented by a range of imported refrigeration products. These cabinets, which are predominately of European manufacture, have been carefully selected and imported for their quality, performance and appearance. Nuline's Australian made fridges and freezer are not mass-produced. Each cabinet is individually made to order. This allows Nuline to maintain its high standards as well as to customise cabinets to suit the end user's needs. If there is nothing in the range to suit your requirements, or if you have an idea or design, ENLAKE can design a cabinet that can then be custom built to your own specific needs. All of the staff at Nuline are experienced tradesmen, most of who have been with the company since its inception.