Vaccine Transport Cooler Box

Are you wondering how to transport medicine that needs to be refrigerated? If so, ENLAKE has a portable vaccine fridge to meet your needs. A portable medical fridge will maintain your temperature sensitive medications and vaccines at the ideal temperature whilst you transport them between logistics centres or to outreach immunisation services.

Portable vaccine fridge power sources depend on the model of portable medication cooler, but most models will operate off 240 volts AC (the standard mains connection in Australia) as well as 12/24 volts DC. This power source flexibility means that a portable vaccine refrigerator is suitable to be used both indoors as well as whilst being transported inside a vehicle.

With the development of mRNA vaccines, some vaccines can now be transported at -20℃. For this reason, ENLAKE now offers portable vaccine fridges that double as portable vaccine freezers. These medication coolers are capable of being set to operate at a fridge temperature of +5℃ or at a freezer temperature of -20℃.