Thermoline Scientific

Thermoline Scientific

Thermoline Scientific has been a leading manufacturer of premium laboratory and scientific research equipment for over fifty years. Their factory facility is located in Western Sydney, where they design and manufacture temperature-controlled laboratory equipment, such as ovens, freezers, refrigerators, ultra-low freezers, incubators, and vacuum ovens. Their products are trusted by hospitals, pharmacies, universities, and research laboratories throughout Australia.

Thermoline Scientific is committed to meeting the specific needs of its customers. With their recent investment in highly accurate machinery, including a CNC laser cutter, they can now custom manufacture any product cost-effectively. In addition, they offer customisations for standard cabinets, which can be made larger or smaller depending on the available space, with varying temperature settings and heavier duty components to withstand harsher environmental conditions.

Thermoline Scientific has a team of engineers and tradespeople with the skills and experience to modify their existing products or even develop clean sheet designs to meet a customer's specific requirements. So whether you need a vaccine refrigerator, laboratory freezer, or refrigerated incubator for a specific location, or simply a water bath and lid to fit a particular product, Thermoline can modify an existing product to suit your specific requirements. Rest assured that your custom product will be built with Thermoline's proven reliability.

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