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ENLAKE proudly partners with Rollex Medical, an esteemed provider of cutting-edge medical goods and services, to bring you their premium PLATINUM range of vaccine fridges. These vaccine fridges, manufactured in Denmark by ARTIKO according to Rollex's stringent specifications, incorporate the latest compressor and control system technology for optimal performance.

As a leading player in the industry, Rollex Medical is renowned for developing, importing, and distributing top-of-the-line medical refrigeration equipment. They represent reputable brands such as LEC, MATOS PLUS, MATOS ARIA, Arctiko, and Angelantoni, ensuring that their offerings meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

With an extensive infrastructure spanning multiple capital cities and regional areas, Rollex Medical is well-equipped to provide Australia-wide service and support. Their network of offices, warehouses, and dedicated agents ensures efficient delivery and assistance, regardless of your location.

When you choose a Rollex Medical vaccine fridge, you gain access to comprehensive technical support, temperature monitoring solutions, and preventative maintenance services. Rollex Medical is committed to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your vaccine fridge, offering peace of mind throughout its lifespan.

With Rollex Medical and ENLAKE, you can trust in the reliability and excellence of our partnership, delivering top-tier medical refrigeration solutions tailored to your specific needs.