ENLAKE is an Australian owned business that specialises in medical and laboratory refrigeration. ENLAKE's philosophy is to offer comprehensive product coverage and detailed product knowledge.

ENLAKE's range of fridges and freezers are made specially manufactured to ENLAKE's specifications by Australian and European manufacturers for use predominately in the medical and laboratory fields.

ENLAKE sell a comprehensive range of refrigeration equipment and accessories including:

- Vaccine Fridges
- Pharmacy Fridges
- Drug Fridges
- Pharmaceutical Fridges
- Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Freezers
- Blood Fridges and Freezers
- Freezers for storing flammable materials
- Custom Made Fridges
- Custom Made Freezers
- Laboratory Fridges
- Laboratory Freezers

ENLAKE offers a great many options with their fridges and freezers. These options include:

- Data Loggers
- Chart Recorders with alarms and battery back up
- Audible Alarms
- Ability to be connected to external alarms
- Auto-dialers that automatically phone a list of numbers if required
- Battery backup, so that the controllers and alarms keep working if there is a power outage
- Solid or glass doors
- One, two or three doors. Cabinets may be configured with one door at the front and one at the rear