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Introducing The New Vacc-Safe Premium Vaccine Fridge

Vacc-Safe PREMIUM comes with Industry First Benefits

Finally there is a better option on the Australian market

Vacc-Safe Premium is truly “an exceptional quality vaccine fridge at an affordable price”

Backed By An Industry first 36 Months Full Warranty, Plus 60 Months Parts on Compressor, Why Settle For Less

Vacc-Safe Premium is a Game Changer;
Often in the busy world of Commerce, Manufacturers and Suppliers make the mistake of thinking that the only changes that end users will really appreciate is a ‘lower Price’ and as the Price is progressively driven down there is a corresponding drop in overall quality and durability.

Occasionally, someone comes along who recognises the trend and offers a better version of a particular item; perhaps better quality or better design and usually at a slightly higher price.

It is a rare thing indeed that a new development offers better design, substantial benefits to the end user, improved longevity, longer warranty and all at a better price. If you care to take a glance at the new Vacc-Safe® PREMIUM Vaccine Refrigerator you are almost bound to be pleasantly surprised.

THE new Vacc-Safe PREMIUM benefits.

1. The Cooling System offers the user the more efficient ‘Pipe and Fin’ Cooling system rather than the old ‘Plate Cooler’ which had its origins in the 1950’s when domestic Refrigerators were gaining popularity. This system responds more quickly on compressor-start resulting in less running time, smaller variations in cabinet Temperature, lower power cost and improved overall longevity.

2. The inner liner of the cabinet is ‘powder-coated’ steel compared to Plastic in most other units. Plastic has the tendency to yellow and go brittle over time and is a really poor conductor of heat. With Plastic liners care has to be taken not to load Vaccine containers touching the sides of the Refrigerator since this restricts effective cooling – with a steel liner, this is not a problem.

3. Lighting. The new Vacc-Safe has achieved brilliant internal illumination on every shelf without blinding the user, with the use of a clever shield which causes the light to shine inwards only, and not outwards towards the user.

4. Improved Shelving system gives the possibility of small shelf adjustment increments easily done by the user, hence allowing for maximum utilisation of internal Cabinet Space. The Shelves have an upstand ‘front and rear’ preventing vaccines etc from accidently falling off.
In addition, the Vacc-Safe PREMIUM comes standard with extra shelving compared to most other Brands.

5. The new ‘Touch-type’ Digital Control has everyone talking. New improved visibility with the large Digital Temp. readout, and the larger ‘touch-type’ control buttons are easy to see and simple to recognise without straining your eyesight. This fail-safe Controller comes from the finest Europe has to offer with road-tested technology and a proven track record.

6. Door Lock. This again is a vast improvement on most available units with a tight fitting secure lock that really locks the Door, securely; no jiggling or twisting – just a smooth turn of the Key and its done.

7. Door Handle. The fully moulded concealed Handle, conveniently placed at the right height makes opening the Door easy; no protruding handle to get caught on clothing or lab-coat. Protruding handles also get easily knocked and become loose over time.

8. External Alarm. For those that need it a ‘voltage free’ pair of contacts for External Alarm comes standard with every Unit and can be changed from NO to NC at the push of a button – no need for re-wiring.

9. Castors. Mounted on 4 rollers (not two) means the Unit can be pushed in against the rear wall easily, and just as easily pulled forward for cleaning behind the unit from time to time. Try doing that with a unit that has two rollers only at the rear – it’s a ‘one-way’ push, and very difficult to move forward for cleaning.

10. Warranty. The new PREMIUM series comes not only with an industry first full 3 year warranty to cover parts and labour in the unlikely event of service being required; each Unit also has a 5 year warranty on the compressor, the very ‘heart’ of the Refrigerator.

11. QCPP Compliant. Naturally, and as you’d expect, all Vacc-Safe Refrigerators are QCPP Compliant and proudly display the QCPP Compliance label.

12. Nation-wide Distribution. With Stock held in all capital cities(except NT), and a Range of sizes available, Vacc-Safe PREMIUM can truly boast; Any Size, Any Time, Nation-wide, Affordable, Compliant.

13. Available Nationwide through our exclusive stockists

14. Plus many, many more benefits to comprehensive to list all, so please contact us for further information

Vacc-Safe Premium Vaccine Fridges are the best “value for money” vaccine fridges on the Australian market today

Peace of mind and reliability is assured with an industry first 36 month  fully comprehensive warranty, plus 60 months parts on compressor, don’t settle for less

Vacc Safe Premium Is An “Exceptional Quality Vaccine Fridge At An Affordable Price”

  • Purpose built Vaccine Fridge Vacc-Safe® 
  • Gross Volume 225 Ltr
  • Operating Range 2° to 8°C
  • High Ambient Rating 42°C / 75% Humidity
  • ‘Self-closing’ Lockable Door.
  • Records Max and Min. Temp history
  • Audible and Visual High/Low temp Alarm
  • ‘Door Open’ Alarm
  • Fan assisted cooling to ensure consistent Temperature distribution on all shelves
  • USB Log Tag Data Logger And Software – both included.
  • 3 year Comprehensive Warranty
  • 5 year Warranty on compressor
  • Optional ‘Cloud-based’ Wireless Log Tag system gives you
    1. Smart-Phone App
    2. Remote temp monitoring
    3. SMS and/or Email Alert in case of Power Failure or temp. Alarm Mode


Vacc-Safe VS1000 Premium Vaccine Refrigerator

Is your current vaccine fridge not large enough? If so, then consider the new Vacc-Safe VS1000 PREMIUM two door vaccine refrigerator. This fridge is fully QCPP compliant and has an impressive three year warranty.

$6500.00 + GST
Vaccine Fridge Vacc-Safe® VS311 EC Door Seal

This replacement door seal will work for the following models of vaccine fridges:
- Vaccine Fridge Vacc-Safe® VS311 EC
- Vet Safe 311 Veterinary Vaccine Fridge

$160.00 + GST
Vacc-Safe VS600 Premium Refrigerator

The Vacc-Safe VS600 PREMIUM is a large single door vaccine refrigerator with a generous capacity of 600 litres. This rugged refrigerator has an all steel structure and a 3 year comprehensive warranty.

$4995.00 + GST
Vacc-Safe VS250 Premium Refrigerator

Finally a fridge that fills the gap between an under counter medical fridge and a full sized medical fridge. This 250 litre medical fridge from Vacc-Safe is QCPP compliant and comes with many inovative features

$2995.00 + GST
Vacc-Safe VS400 Premium Refrigerator

Vacc-safe's VS400 premium medical refrigerator has many impressive features and is well an truly worth considering as your next medical fridge

$2995.00 + GST