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Basic Data Loggers

Data Loggers record temperature readings at set intervals by electronic means. The stored data can then be downloaded to a computer. Data loggers may be used for audits and to establish the recording patterns of your vaccine refrigerator over time. They can be especially handy for determining whether a fridge that has exceeded 8 degrees Celsius has done so for less than the critical 15 minutes that may be permissible.

Daily minimum/maximum temperature readings will still need to be manually recorded. If you are using a data logger instead of a maximum/minimum thermometer, the data logger must have a visual max/min display so that you can record your daily max/min temperatures.

Thermochron Data Logger - Starter Kit

This surprising data logger looks exactly like a small battery but has the features of a larger datalogger. The price is on a level with disposable chart recorders, however, the Thermochron® iButton has an expected lifetime of up to 8 years. It is water-resistant and accurate to ±1°C.

Features: Choice of logging intervals, wrap-around or stop when memory is full. Comments may be inserted into the file at startup. Speedy download. Real-time recording. The latest versions of the T-TEC software with full features can support these data loggers.

$225.00 + GST
Thermochron Data Logger - Additional logger

If you have more than one vaccine fridge the Thermochron system comes into its own. Additional data loggers to be used with the Thermochron Starter Package are very inexpensive.

ENLAKE sells additional Thermochron i-buttons complete with a holder called a FOB.

$55.00 + GST
LogTag with built in USB

If you only need to monitor one fridge or freezer, then the LogTag with built-in USB provides all the features of a standard Logtag without needing the Logtag Interface.

$130.00 + GST
AVEM Quirks Medisafe Premium Replacement Logtag

This premium replacement logger for the AVEM Quirks Medisafe has a replaceable battery, at-a-glance readouts of current temperature, alerts, alert history and an audible alarm.,

$150.00 + GST
AVEM Quirks Medisafe Replacement Logtag

If you need to replace the LogTag that came with your AVEM Quirks Medisafe vaccine fridge then this is what you need.

$115.00 + GST
CX402-T215 Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger

The loggers communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to mobile devices. Using the InTemp app, you easily view data, check logger status, set alarms, and create and share secure PDF report

$330.00 + GST
TinyTag Vaccine Fridge Data Logger
The TinyTag Ultra 2 data logger is well suited for monitoring the temperature inside a refrigerator. It is accurate, reliable, lightweight and splash-proof.

Contact ENLAKE for a quotation
InTemp CX500 Bluetooth Low Energy Temperature Data Logger

InTemp CX500 Series Bluetooth® Low Energy data loggers are single-use and multi-use loggers that record temperature data for up to 365 days.

$72.00 + GST
Basic Logtag

If you already have a Basic LogTag Starter Kit this logger can be used to monitor an additional refrigerator. You can also use it to replace a Basic LogTag after its batteries have gone flat.

$75.00 + GST
Basic Logtag Starter Kit

The Basic Logtag Starter Kit includes everything you need to record the temperature inside your vaccine fridge.

$220.00 + GST
Tempmate -i1 Single Use Temperature Indicator

tempmate -i1 indicators use 3 built-in LEDs to directly show you the current alert status, meaning that no other software or hardware is necessary for you to be able to see the status of your goods.


$284.00 + GST