ENLAKE Custom made Laboratory Refrigerators

ENLAKE can have manufactured a wide range of specialty laboratory refrigeration products in sizes ranging from 130 litres to over 1600 litres. These include:

There are a great many options for these fridges and freezers. These options include:

  • Data Loggers
  • Chart Recorders with alarms and battery back up
  • Audible Alarms
  • Ability to connect to external alarm systems
  • Auto-dialers that automatically phone a list of numbers if required
  • Battery backup, so that the controllers and alarms keep working if there is a power outage
  • Solid or glass doors
  • One, two, three or four doors
  • Pass through design, with one door at the front and another at the rear
  • Heated doors and mullions to prevent condensation

So if you are looking for any of these options, please contact us ENLAKE to discuss your needs.