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Vaccine Fridge + Laboratory Refrigeration Manuals (all superseded)

Here is a long list of operating manuals for a bunch of products that ENLAKE has sold over the years. These manuals are for products that are no longer in production. They include many models of vaccine fridges,  laboratory fridges, laboratory freezers, thermometers and data loggers. These manuals will come in handy if you have lost your original manual or if you have purchased the device second hand.   Arrowsmith & Grant Arrowsmith & Grant AG308BP USER MANUAL AVEM Quirks After 2016 Medisafe vaccine fridges were...

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AS 85000: 2011 and Pharmacy Cold Chain Management

To assist in maintaining an effective cold chain, the following steps should be observed on receival of vaccines: • Ensure a staff member is designated as the administrator of vaccines and vaccine storage, with a back-up administrator, to take responsibility for vaccines in the absence of the primary administrator. • Check the dispatch date and cold chain monitors (if used). If the delivery has taken more than three days, or the monitor indicates that the cold chain has not been maintained, accept...

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