Pass Through Fridges

A pass-through fridge is a type of refrigeration unit designed with doors on both sides, allowing access from two different areas, typically separated by a wall or partition. The primary purpose of pass-through refrigerators is to facilitate the transfer of items between two spaces without needing personnel to leave the room they are in.

In medical and pharmacy settings, a pass through fridge can play a crucial role when it comes to access control, minimising contamination risk and maximising workflow efficiency.

Access Control: Pass-through fridges help control access to temperature-sensitive storage areas. Personnel in cleanroom environments, laboratories, or pharmacies can load items into the refrigerator from one side, and personnel in adjacent spaces or cleanroom environments can retrieve the items without entering the storage area.

Reduced Contamination Risk: By minimising the need for personnel to enter the storage area, pass-through fridges help reduce the risk of contamination. This is especially important in pharmaceutical and medical environments, where cleanliness and sterility are critical.

Workflow Efficiency: Pass-through refrigerators streamline workflow by providing a convenient and efficient way to transfer items between different areas. This can be particularly beneficial in busy healthcare settings where quick and easy access to medications and vaccines is essential.

In addition, ENLAKE’s range of pass through fridges meets all the temperature and monitoring requirements expected of a vaccine fridge.