Upright Ultralow Temperature Freezers

When it comes to keeping sensitive biological samples, a freezer that can maintain a constant and extremely low temperature is essential. ENLAKE’s assortment of upright ultralow temperature freezers is tailored to satisfy these requirements. Our extensive selection of products includes alternatives for any laboratory or research facility, ranging from compact units for modest operations to bigger units for large-scale storage.

Each freezer in our collection is designed with precise temperature control, ensuring that your critical samples are preserved at the optimal temperature. Our freezers are equipped with digital controllers, alarms and double doors. Optional backup systems to ensure the safety of your samples in the event of a power failure or other emergency. Moreover, our freezers are created with energy-efficient insulation, reducing operating expenses and minimising the environmental impact of your storage solutions.

ENLAKE’s selection of upright ultralow temperature freezers provides a comprehensive and dependable solution for storing your sensitive biological samples. Choose from our extensive selection of goods with the confidence that your precious samples will be secured and conserved to the maximum degree.