Tower UPSs for Vaccine Fridges

A tower type UPS stands upright and is designed to sit on a flat surface such as a bench or on the floor. Matching tower type battery packs are available to increase the runtime during a power outage. It is important to realise that UPSs and battery packs are too heavy to be placed on top of a vaccine fridge.

A tower UPS has numerous advantages that include:

○ Lower cost
○ They have the space to house more batteries, thus providing a longer runtime
○ A rack isn’t required

A tower style UPS also has some disadvantages that include:

○ They aren’t as neat as rackmount solution
○ Space can become an issue when you have battery packs as the tower style UPSs and battery packs can’t be stacked
○ It can be hard to clean around a tower style UPS, especially if it is sitting on the floor