Upright Ultralow Temperature Freezers

ENLAKE’s line of temperature monitoring solutions for Ultra Low Freezers will ensure the safety and preservation of your critical biological samples. Our product selection includes temperature data recorders and complex monitoring systems with SMS and email alert capabilities.

Using our temperature data loggers, you can precisely monitor and log the temperature of your ultra-low freezer. This data is freely accessible and can be evaluated, giving you comprehensive insight and control over the storage conditions of your samples.

For a more comprehensive solution, we have temperature monitoring systems that provide SMS and/or email notifications in real time. In the event of a temperature deviation, you will be notified immediately, allowing you to promptly resolve any potential concerns before they cause damage to your samples.

All of our monitoring solutions are user-friendly and simple to instal, allowing you to monitor the temperature of your ultra-low freezer fast and efficiently. Choose from our variety of temperature monitoring options and rest easy knowing that your critical samples are constantly safeguarded and conserved.