Temperature and Humidity Controlled Cabinets

When maintaining the optimal environment is an essential facet of your testing or research work, ENLAKE’s wide range of Temperature and Humidity Controlled Cabinets can reproduce test conditions of constant or cycling temperature and humidity levels.

Our temperature and humidity chambers are available in various sizes and configurations, ranging in volume from 125 to 1600 litres, temperature from -30°C to 120°C, and relative humidity from 10% to 95%. They are also available with a range of lighting options, including shelf and door mounted lights and LED lamps with various spectral profiles.

The temperature of these cabinets is elevated above the ambient room temperature thanks to a heater element, whilst temporal stability and spatial accuracy are ensured thanks to a combination of design, fan forced air circulation and high grade electronic control. For temperature requirements below ambient, the evaporative coils of the refrigeration system are used to cool the air.

The humidity level within these chambers is precisely controlled by either elevating the humidity by using an electronically controlled heating element in a water bath or by dehumidifying the air by using the refrigeration system’s air cooled condenser.

Temperature and humidity cabinets are used for a diverse range of applications in laboratory and industrial fields. Uses include the growth of algae, plants, and fruit fly, seed germination, pharmaceutical stability testing, the determination of the best before dates for food and beverage products, and accelerated age testing of manufactured goods.

ENLAKE has the experience and expertise to select the best cabinet to suit your specific spatial, temperature, humidity, and lighting needs. Give us a call on 1800 094 259 to discuss your requirements.