Spark Proof Combination Laboratory Refrigerator Freezer

A Spark Proof Combination Laboratory Refrigerator Freezers is suitable for the storage of volatile flammable liquids such as solvents as the interior of the fridge and freezer compartments have no possible sources of ignition, examples of which include fans, lights and thermostats.

It is important to stress that only the interior of a spark-free fridge/freezer is spark-free.

Australian Standard AS/NZS60079.10:2004 for hazardous areas with a zone 2 classification recommends that all possible sources of ignition should be 300mm or higher above floor level. ENLAKE can custom make stands for the Liebherr LCexv 4010. We can also customise the Nuline NDT combination fridge freezer with the freezer section at the top so that all spark sources are well above floor level (such as the controller, compressor and freezer door heater).