Spark Free Laboratory Fridges

A spark free fridge is suitable for storing volatile flammable liquids as the interior of a spark free refrigerator has no possible sources of ignition, examples of which include fans, lights and thermostats.

It is important to stress that only the interior of a spark free freezer is spark free. According to AS/NZS 60079.14:2017  for hazardous areas with a zone 2 classification, it is recommended that all possible sources of ignition be located 300+mm above floor level. ENLAKE has stands for this purpose as well as fridges that are specially constructed so that all such sources such as the controller and compressor are located at the top of the refrigerator, keeping them well above the floor level.

ENLAKE offers Liebherr’s full range of refrigerators with spark free interiors, all of which meet the safety requirements of EU Directive 94/9EC (ATEX)