Rackmount UPSs for Vaccine Fridges

A rackmount type UPS can be placed inside a standard 19″ frame or enclosure which are commonly used for housing server and computer equipment modules. A rackmount UPS can also be used without a racking system as they can be laid flat or on their side. Matching rackmount battery packs are available to increase the runtime during a power outage.

A rackmount UPS has numerous advantages that include:

○ They can be placed in a rack, flat or on their side
○ They can be stacked which allows you to make the maximum use of the available space
○ They are neater, especially when placed in a rack or if you have multiple battery packs
○ It’s easier to clean around a rack-mounted UPS as racks are available with castors and racks are available with doors that help keep dust out

A rackmount style UPS also has some disadvantages that include:

○ More expensive than tower UPSs and battery packs
○ They have less space in them, so they house fewer batteries and provide a shorter runtime