Plant Growth Cabinets

Temperature and Humidity Cabinets, with Lighting and Refrigeration

Plant Growth Chambers are used to germinate seeds, grow plants, plant tissue culture, research crop plants, research photosynthetic organisms, and other laboratory experiments requiring controlled climatic and environmental simulation.

A plant growth cabinet provides a controlled environment to facilitate seed germination and plant growth. In addition, these plant chambers make it possible to measure the effects of various environmental characteristics, such as light, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration, on plant growth, function and health.

ENLAKE’s plant growth chamber manufacturers include Thermoline Scientific and Steridium. Thermoline’s range of Climatron plant growth chambers come packed with several cutting edge and innovative touches that have made them leaders in the manufacture and supply of Australian plant growth cabinets. Steridium’s range of plant chambers is also manufactured in Australia. Please contact ENLAKE for a price.