Plant Growth Cabinets

Temperature and Humidity Cabinets, with Lighting and Refrigeration

Plant growth chambers are crucial in scientific research and experimentation related to plant biology. These specialised chambers create controlled environments that simulate the optimal conditions for plant growth, allowing researchers to study and manipulate various environmental factors. At ENLAKE, we offer a diverse selection of plant growth chambers designed to meet the specific needs of scientists, researchers, and plant enthusiasts.

Our plant incubator growth cabinets provide an ideal environment for germinating seeds, nurturing plant growth, conducting plant tissue culture, and carrying out various laboratory experiments that require precise climatic and environmental control. With adjustable settings for light intensity, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration, these chambers enable researchers to study the impact of different variables on plant development, function, and overall health.

ENLAKE collaborates with renowned manufacturers such as Thermoline Scientific and Steridium to bring top quality plant growth chambers. Thermoline’s Climatron series stands out with its cutting-edge features and innovative design, establishing them as leaders in the Australian market for plant growth cabinets. Steridium, another esteemed Australian manufacturer, also offers a range of reliable and efficient plant chambers. Contact ENLAKE today to inquire about pricing and availability.

Our plant growth cabinets are equipped with advanced temperature and humidity control systems, ensuring optimal growing conditions for a wide range of plant species. Including lighting features allows researchers to provide the light spectrum and intensity required for photosynthesis and specific growth stages. Additionally, refrigeration capabilities enable precise cooling, extending the range of plant species that can thrive within the controlled environment.

Whether studying plant genetics, conducting crop research, exploring photosynthetic organisms, or working on tissue culture experiments, our growth plant chambers provide the reliability and precision you need for successful outcomes. With our state of the art equipment, you can advance your research, promote plant health, and contribute to scientific knowledge in plant biology.