Mortuary Fridges

ENLAKE’s range of mortuary refrigerators is designed and manufactured in Australia for use in hospital morgues and funeral homes. Every mortuary cabinet is built to order. They are constructed of stainless steel for ease of cleaning, feature a digital controller for accurate temperature control, as well as an automatic defrost cycle for ease of maintenance.

Our mortuary fridges have been designed so that they are ready to use. No assembly or equipment is required; all you need to do is place the mortuary refrigerator into position and plug it into the power.

One notable feature of these mortuary refrigerators is that they are of a modular design. If you need to expand your facility, another mortuary fridge or mortuary freezer can simply be lined up next to the existing cabinet.

ENLAKE has two ranges of mortuary fridges. There is the standard range, and there is also a bariatric range for obese cadavers.

The morgue cooler temperature range of our mortuary refrigerators is 2°C to 4°C.