Mortuary Refrigeration

ENLAKE is a premium supplier of mortuary and morgue refrigeration equipment throughout Australia.  ENLAKE provides a range of high-quality stainless steel, easy to use mortuary and morgue refrigeration products offered at the best prices.

The mortuary cabinets that ENLAKE offers for sale are made in Australia and feature a modular design, which enables easy expansion of facilities, as additional mortuary cabinets may be aligned with existing units. All of our mortuary cabinets are individually temperature-controlled and can be isolated when not in use. ENLAKE’s mortuary fridges and freezers are constructed from stainless steel and are easy to install and maintain. Our mortuary cabinets offer the advantages of modern frost-free refrigeration and automatic temperature control.

ENLAKE also has our mortuary lifting equipment that is manufactured in Italy to work with our mortuary refrigeration cabinets.