Medical Freezer

Medical Freezers are most commonly used in hospitals and for clinical trials of experimental drugs and biological products. It is critical that these products are continuously held at the correct temperature. ENLAKE offers a wide range of medical freezers manufactured by the likes of Liebherr, Nuline Refrigeration, and Thermoline Scientific.

A more recent development that has occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic is the storage of COVID vaccines in freezers. ENLAKE has a range of ultralow medical freezer models that are all suitable for maintaining the Pfizer vaccine at the required -90 °C to -60 °C as well as standard temperature freezers which will maintain the vaccine at -25°C to -15°C.

To ensure that you get the right medical freezer for your product, we suggest that you call one of our helpful freezer sales specialist on 1800 094 259 to discover which freezers are best suited to meet the storage requirements of the products that you will be freezing.