Laboratory Fridges

Laboratory fridges are used in laboratories to cool samples, preserve specimens and store volatile liquids. Most laboratory refrigerators are set to run at +5⁰C but are capable of being set to operate between 2⁰C to 10⁰C. For applications that require specimens to be kept at warmer applications, you would be better off using a refrigerated incubator.

Laboratory refrigerators generally fall into one of two categories: Static and Auto-Defrost. Most laboratory fridges that have a static refrigeration system also have a spark-free interior. Spark free lab fridges are used for storing volatile liquids and products prone to drying out. Auto-defrost fridges have the advantage of never needing to be defrosted by the user.

The majority of ENLAKE’s range of lab refrigerators have digital controllers, alarm functionality and integrated door locks. Many other features are available as options. ENLAKE can also supply Australian made laboratory fridges that are customised to meet the specific needs of your laboratory. Examples include chromatography refrigerators and pass through lab fridges. For products that aren’t temperature sensitive, ENLAKE has laboratory fridges for sale that come in at a lower price point as they only have analogue controllers.