Laboratory Freezers

Laboratory freezers are used for the storage of a range of chemical, biological and pharmaceutical products. To maximise the shelf life of your products, it is essential to minimise lab equipment temperature variation and to store the products at the right temperature. ENLAKE has the widest selection of high-quality specialist laboratory freezers that is available in Australia. These freezers are designed to minimise temperature fluctuations and have features to protect your products such as advanced control systems and alarms.

Minus 20 and Minus 30 Laboratory Freezers

The majority of laboratory freezers operate at -20°C. A wide variety of styles and capacities are available for freezers that run at this temperature. Once the temperature gets down to -30°C your choice of lab freezers shrinks, but ENLAKE still has plenty of ultra low temperature freezers to choose from.

Minus 80 Lab Freezers

Otherwise known as ultra low temperature, ULT lab freezers or Minus 86 freezers. These lab freezers are capable of storing products that need to be stored around 86°C. Many of these freezers have the flexibility to be set as warm as -40°C or as cold as – 86°C. Best suited for the long term storage of biological samples and mRNA vaccines.


Generally, it is not ideal to store temperature sensitive products in a general purpose auto-defrost freezer as the heat required to heat the evaporator coil to melt the ice can warm the contents of the whole freezer. Fortunately, ENLAKE has some specialist laboratory freezers that feature a rapid hot gas defrost cycle which allows the freezer to defrost faster and more frequently without compromising the temperature of the freezer’s contents.

Static Lab Freezers

The right choice for temperature-sensitive products has traditionally been a static laboratory freezer. The term ‘static’ means the freezer doesn’t have an automatic defrost cycle and will need to be manually defrosted regularly. A traditional auto-defrost freezer heats the evaporator with an electrical heater. This process can be quite slow and result in a dramatic temperature increase inside the freezer. Most products need to be kept at a constant temperature in a laboratory environment, and a static freezer is well suited to doing this.

Laboratory Freezers for Volatile Flammable Liquids

Lab freezers that have completely spark free interiors. There are no electrical lights, fans, heaters or thermostats within the freezer compartment that could potentially act as an ignition source.

Small Lab Freezers

Small laboratory freezers are designed to be placed underneath a bench and typically range in size from 90 to 140 litres.

Upright Lab Freezers

These are by far the most commonly used style of freezer used in laboratory settings. Being upright, the freezer’s contents are easy to see and access. Upright laboratory freezers are available with either one or two doors.

Chest Freezers

The design of a chest freezer provides some inherent advantages. They are typically easier to manufacture and hence have a lower price. They are also more efficient and as a result, are capable of using less electricity and operating at a lower temperature range.

Custom Made Freezers

Sometimes off the shelf freezers aren’t suitable. ENLAKE can manufacture or customise freezers to suit particular needs. Examples include the manufacture of extra large volume freezers, customised dimensions to suit your available space or access restrictions, and the installation of interior power points and benches.