Glass Door Vaccine Fridges

These vaccine fridges all have glass doors and are specifically designed for use in pharmacies and medical practices for the storage of drugs and vaccines.

If you’re looking for the best price on a Glass Door Vaccine Fridge then ENLAKE¬† is the ideal place to start. Please browse through our extensive range of glass door vaccine fridges and don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 094 259 for any further information or advice on the product most suitably matched to your usage, operating environment and required capacity.

It is far easier to find items in a glass door vaccine fridge as they can be readily seen with the door closed. Very importantly this reduces door opening times helping to keep the vaccines in the desired temperature range.

Glass doors do however have some drawbacks. Despite being double glazed, the insulation properties of a glass door are nowhere near that of a solid door. The inferior insulation properties of a glass door when compared to a solid door translate to an increase in power consumption that is in the order of 20 to 50%. Pharmacy fridges with glass doors are also far more likely to suffer problems with condensation buildup; however, this problem can be mitigated by choosing a pharmacy fridge that has a high climate rating.  This can be of particular importance to customers located in subtropical, tropical or coastal regions. For further information and advice please call ENLAKE on 1800 094 259.