Custom made Pharmacy Refrigerators and Freezers

ENLAKE specialises in providing solutions to clients refrigeration needs. Often the answer will entail the modification of an existing cabinet or construction of a custom made fridge or freezer. Need the fridge to be shorter, or narrower – no problems! Need solid doors, a pass-through fridge or a fridge with sliding doors – we can do that too!

Some of the solutions that we have provided:

  • Pass through fridges for use in cleanrooms and theatres
  • Mortuary fridges for babies
  • Anatomy refrigerators
  • Spark free refrigerators for placing a pallet of goods in
  • Industrial fridges for designer homes

ENLAKE has an extensive range of options when it comes to building custom fridges and freezers for laboratories and pharmacies. Below is a list of many of our common options, but if you have a specific requirement, please contact us, and we will work on a solution for you.

Common options

  • Doors
    • Solid or glass doors
    • Doors hinged from the left or right-hand side
    • Sliding doors
    • Automatically locking doors with a keypad and swipe card access
    • Door ajar alarms
  • Pass through fridges – ideal for theatre rooms and clean rooms
  • Sizes from 129 litres to 2100 litres
  • External dimensions may be customised to suit the available space. Often doorways and lifts are too low, the available width isn’t quite enough, or the fridge is in a hallway and can’t be as deep
  • Choice of
    • Colorbond interior and exterior
    • Stainless steel interiors and exteriors
    • Choose your colour
  • Shelving
    • Choice of PVC coated or stainless steel shelves
    • Pull out shelving
    • Tight spacing is available
  • Combined fridges and freezers
  • Spark safe refrigerators and freezers
  • Selection of static or fan-forced fridges and freezers
  • Power
    • Choice of voltage and frequency. Examples are for marine use or export markets
    • Ability to have power points inside the fridge
  • Controlled temperature cabinets. These have both heating and refrigeration capabilities
  • Monitoring solutions
    • Voltage Free Contacts – These allow the refrigerators to connect to a Building Management System (BMS), a phone auto-dialler or an external alarm system
    • Extra temperature probes for external monitoring of temperature
    • Access ports to feed temperature probes through
    • Temperature and humidity data loggers
    • Chart recorders with battery backups
    • SMS or email alert systems that will advise you if the temperature has gone out of range
    • Alarm and temperature monitoring via Ethernet communications with your computers
  • Low-temperature protective cut out (LTPC), which turn off the refrigeration system should the controller fail and keep cooling.
  • Redundancy systems, such as dual compressors and dual controllers.
  • Corrosion protection for use on Pacific Islands

Please browse the products below to see what cabinets we typically use as a basis for a custom fridge. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need some advice.