Custom made refrigerators and freezers

ENLAKE supplies a lot of refrigerators and freezers to hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and shipping companies. Often our clients have particular requirements and hence require custom made fridges and freezers. Fortunately, ENLAKE specialises in custom made fridges and freezers.

ENLAKE has a large range of options when it comes to building custom fridges and freezers for laboratories and pharmacies. Below is a list of many of the common options:

  • Solid or glass doors
  • Doors hinged from the left or right-hand side
  • Sliding doors
  • Door locks
  • Pass through fridges – ideal for theatre rooms and clean rooms
  • Sizes from 130 litres to 2100 litres
  • External dimensions may be customised to suit the available space
  • Choice of Colorbond or stainless steel interiors and exteriors
  • Choice of PVC coated or stainless steel shelves
  • Combined fridges and freezers
  • Intrinsically safe refrigerators and freezers
  • Choice of static or fan-forced freezers
  • Choice of voltage and frequency, especially for use on ships that may run at 110V and 60 Hz
  • Controlled temperature cabinets. These have both heating and refrigeration capabilities
  • Digital controllers with audial and visual alarms
  • Door ajar alarms. If the door is left open, the alarm will go off.
  • Voltage Free Contacts – These allow the fridges to be connected to a Building Management System (BMS), a phone auto-dialler or an external alarm system
  • Extra temperature probes for external monitoring of temperature
  • Cable ports to feed temperature probe through
  • Temperature and humidity data loggers
  • Chart recorders with battery backups
  • Auto-diallers with battery back up- These will phone a list of phone numbers if the fridge or freezer alarms
  • Alarm and temperature monitoring via Ethernet communications with your computers
  • Low-temperature protective cut out (LTPC). This will turn off the refrigeration system should the control fail and keep cooling.

Please browse the products below to see what cabinets we typically use as a basis for a custom fridge. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need some advice.