Chromatography Refrigerators

Chromatography Refrigerators are designed to give a stable temperature-controlled environment for performing chromatography separations in a medical or laboratory setting.

ENLAKE will custom manufacture a chromatography fridge to meet your chromatography machine’s size and weight while meeting all temperature, electrical and plumbing needs.

To ensure accurately controlled and stable temperature, our chromatography refrigerators are controlled by a digital controller while temperature uniformity is assured thanks to a fan-forced refrigeration system.

Chromatography instrumentation is easy to view thanks to double glazed doors, while the apparatus is also easy to access via the lockable doors.

For applications that require more space than a chromatography fridgeENLAKE can provide modular coolrooms that offer a quick, convenient and flexible solution for providing a refrigerated environment in which to perform chromatography.

Please contact ENLAKE to discuss your requirements.