Blood Fridges

ENLAKE is proud to sell a comprehensive range of Australian made blood fridges which are all TGA approved and in full compliance with Australian Standard AS 3864.1-2012.

Some of the features that make blood refrigerators unique include:
– A tighter allowable temperature range of +2°C to +6°C
– They must be able to function within an ambient temperature range of +10° C to +43° C
– The control and alarm systems must be completely independent of each other
– They must have a tamper-proof temperature recording device that can operate for a minimum of 24 hours without power
– They must have an electronic audit trail of all manual interactions such as the muting of an alarm

When it comes to the commissioning of a blood bank refrigerator, there are a few essential details to keep in mind. As per AS3864.2-2012, a blood bank fridge needs to have a spatial temperature distribution check to ensure that there are no significant temperature variations within the blood fridge. This test must be performed by a business with the relevant NATA certification. If the blood fridge is not situated in a location that is staffed 24 hours per day additional alarm notification methods will be required, such as remote alarms or SMS alerts.

Please contact ENLAKE to discuss your blood fridge requirements and to gain further information.