Blanket Warmers

Blanket warmers are most commonly used in hospitals, but there are also found in medical practices and aged care facilities.

Blankets and linens are gently heated inside the cabinet and then used to help warm patients. In a hospital setting blanket, warmers are recommended for perioperative, maternity, specialist and intensive care units as well as in general wards. A blanket warming cabinet is most commonly used to heat blankets to warm and comfort a patient before surgery, during and post-surgery. The reason for this is because mild hypothermia is common during deep sedation and general anesthesia. Apart from shivering and discomfort, hypothermia can increase the risk of complications such as myocardial events, surgical wound infections and transfusion requirements.

Blanket warming cabinets are typically used in conjunction with fluid warming cabinets to promote normothermia.

ENLAKE’s blanket warmers for sale are all made in Australia and are all listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Register (ARTG). The warmers range in size from small cabinets that can accommodate 5 blankets up to larger units that will accept 21 blankets.