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Refrigerated Incubators

When you need to store your laboratory products or samples at a controlled temperature a refrigerated incubator is the solution. The refrigeration unit allows the incubator to operate below ambient temperature whilst the heater allows the cabinet to run above the ambient temperature. Microprocessor controlled heating ensures that the correct temperature is accurately maintained. For added security ENLAKE's range of refrigerated incubators are equipped with alarms for notification of any temperature excursions.

Refrigerated incubators are often used in pharmaceutical laboratories for the safe storage of pharmaceuticals, whilst they are also commonly used in microbiology labs, cell biology labs, and plant biology laboratories.

Refrigerated incubators are available with a capacity of 135 litres to 1000 litres. Most can be factory customised to meet the specific needs of a laboratory.
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Thermoline's economy refrigerated incubator with a volume of 150L. Featuring precision temperature control with fan-forced air circulation. Adjustable temperature range from +5°C to +60°C, with the cabinet capable of running at 0°C for up to of three days before defrosting is required.

$7190.00 + GST
Thermoline TMLR-200 Refrigerated Incubator (+22°C)

This Australian made refrigerated incubator is designed to house laboratory equipment in a controlled environment. The laboratory equipment plugs into an independent power outlet outside of the incubator. The temperature is factory set at 22°C, however, the cabinet can operate between 20°C and 24°C.

$12710.00 + GST
IR Series Heating and cooling incubators

4 to 80°C Steridium cooled incubators are used by facilities throughout the world which demand the highest standards of construction and performance. Chambers are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel, and the exteriors epoxy powder coated, to give exceptional longevity with minimal maintenance.

Controlled Temperature Cabinet - 125 litres

The MLi125 controlled temperature cabinet has the ability to both heat and cool which allows it accurately maintain the temperature inside the cabinet. The controlled temperature cabinet has a capacity of 125 litres and includes features such as temperature alarms, door alarms and back to base connectivity.

$2595.00 + GST
NULINE NHRi400 - 350 Litre
Nuline controlled temperature cabinet
 Microprocessor controlled
 Heating and cooling
 Automatic defrost cycle
 Door lock
 Interior lighting
$4915.00 + GST
NLMi Refrigerated Incubator - 1000 litres

The NLMRI 1000 refrigerated incubator is designed and manufactured in Australia for laboratory use. It will hold the contents of the incubator at a precise temperature. 

$7095.00 + GST