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Platelet Shakers + Platelet Shaker Incubators

Platelet shakers otherwise known as platelet agitators are commonly used in hospital blood banks, blood centres and clinical research laboratories to store platelets for up to 5 days.

A platelet shaker prevents the clumping of stationery platelets in blood by providing a constant, gentle, reciprocating action which continually mixes platelets inside platelet bags.

To keep platelets well oxygenated and at a constant temperature platelet shakers have perforated drawers to allow air to circulate.
Platelet agitators are used inside of a suitable refrigerated incubator that is set to operate between 20–24 ºC.
Platelet Bag Shaker TPS-16 (fits TMLR-200 incubator)

This reciprocating shaker has been specifically designed to hold platelet bags. This model operates at a fixed speed of 60 strokes per minute. Seven slide out shelves are supplied standard, plus one fixed top shelf. When fully loaded, this model can hold 16 large bags in total (or 48 small bags). 

$5240.00 + GST
Thermoline TMLR-200 Refrigerated Incubator (+22°C)

This Australian made refrigerated incubator is designed to house laboratory equipment in a controlled environment. The laboratory equipment plugs into an independent power outlet outside of the incubator. The temperature is factory set at 22°C, however, the cabinet can operate between 20°C and 24°C.

$12710.00 + GST