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Pharmacy Fridge/Freezers

These cabinets consist of a pharmacy fridge combined with a pharmacy freezer. If these combined cabinets don't suit ENLAKE can often supply 'pigeon pairs' which consist of one pharmacy fridge and a matching pharmacy freezer which can be placed side by side.
HRF400 2T Pharmacy Fridge/Freezer
A small pharmacy refrigerator stacked upon a small pharmacy freezer. Features include:
• Digital temperature indicator
• Door lock
• Built-in alarms
• Castors
$4495.00 + GST
LIEBHERR LCV 4010 Pharmacy Fridge/Freezer

LIEBHERR LCV 4010 Pharmacy Fridge/Freezer - 254 litre fridge compartment - 107 litre freezer compartment - Solid doors - Profi Controller - Made in Austria

$3745.00 + GST