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Mortuary Fridges

ENLAKE's range of mortuary refrigerators is designed and manufactured in Australia for use in hospital morgues and funeral homes. Every mortuary cabinet is built to order. They are constructed of stainless steel for ease of cleaning, feature a digital controller for accurate temperature control as well as automatic defrost for ease of maintenance.

Our Mortuary Fridges have been designed so that they are ready to use. No assembly is required, all you need to do is place the mortuary refrigerator into position and plug it into the power.

One special feature of these mortuary refrigerators is that they are of a modular design. If you need to expand your facility another mortuary fridge or mortuary freezer can simply be lined up next to the existing cabinet.

ENLAKE has two ranges of mortuary fridges. There is the standard range and there is also a bariatric range for obese cadavers.

Temperature range: Refrigerators 2° to 4°.

Morgue Fridge - NMR1 Single Berth
ENLAKE's smallest morgue fridge is the NMR1 and it is capable of storing one body. This morgue fridge comes complete with a stainless steel stretcher and requires no installation. All you need to do is put the morgue freezer into place and plug it into a standard powerpoint. If you are planning to hose the cabinet out there is a fitting that a drain can be connected to
$15095.00 + GST
Bariatric Morgue Fridge - NMRB1 Single Berth

Bariatric mortuary fridges are significantly larger than our standard size mortuary fridges as they have been constructed so that they can fit bodies that are very large/obese.

$18795.00 + GST
Mortuary Refrigerator - NMR2 Double Berth
Double berth mortuary refrigerator complete with stretchers.
$19495.00 + GST
Bariatric Mortuary Refrigerator - NMRB2 Double Berth

A bariatric sized double berth mortuary refrigerator complete with stretchers.

$23595.00 + GST
Mortuary Refrigerator - NMR3 Triple Berth
Our newly released range of mortuary cabinets has more features and a lower price compared to the previous models. This particular mortuary refrigerator is designed for storing 3 bodies. No installation is required, however, floor drainage would be required if you are going to hose the cabinet out.
$22495.00 + GST
Mortuary Refrigerator for Stillborns
A mortuary refrigerator for storing 1 or 2 stillborn babies.