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Mortuary Freezers

When there is a need to store bodies for a prolonged period it is necessary to use a mortuary freezer as the lower temperature will greatly reduce the rate of decomposition. For the same reason, if a body is already decomposing then you should use a mortuary freezer.

Mortuary freezers are often used in remote communities as well in forensic units when the body has yet to be identified. A Mortuary freezer unit will ensure that the body is kept at -20°C.

Morgue Freezer - NMF1 Single Berth
ENLAKE's smallest morgue freezer is the NMF1 and it is capable of storing one body. This morgue freezer comes complete with a stainless steel stretcher and requires no installation. All you need to do is put the morgue freezer into place and plug it into a standard powerpoint. If you are planning to hose the cabinet out there is a fitting that a drain can be connected to
$21595.00 + GST
Mortuary Freezer - NMF2 Double Berth
Double berth mortuary freezer complete with stretchers.
$24495.00 + GST
Mortuary Freezer - NMF3 Triple Berth
Our newly released range of mortuary cabinets has more features and a lower price compared to the previous models. This particular mortuary freezer is designed for storing 3 bodies. No installation is required, however, floor drainage would be required if you are going to hose the cabinet out.
$29995.00 + GST