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A minimum/maximum thermometer is essential for temperature monitoring of vaccine fridges and vaccine cooler boxes. Purpose-built vaccine fridges incorporate their own minimum/maximum thermometers, but bar fridges, domestic refrigerators and most coolers do not.

The portable min/max thermometer allows for the recording of temperatures in whatever position the probe is located. The probe should be taped inside an empty vaccine box. Min/Max thermometers will need to be reset regularly (i.e. at least daily on workdays). Minimum/maximum digital thermometers must have an accuracy of at least ±1oC.
EMT999 Thermometer

A brand new development especially for refrigerators and freezers with perishable items like vaccines and pharmaceuticals. The EMT999 has many new features: High accuracy, precision reading, alarm options. A special feature is a small bottle on the sensor probe. It may be filled with water or glycol bottle to give a temperature reading more representative of the product temperature. Thus helps to avoid artificially high-temperature readings caused by opening the door.

$90.00 + GST
VFT28 Vaccine Fridge Thermometer

The ICS Pacific VFT28 has a very large screen making it very easy to use. This thermometer includes two temperature probe leads to measure the both the vaccine temperature and the air temperature within the vaccine fridge.

$95.00 + GST

Specifically developed by HLP Controls for monitoring vaccine and blood storage temperatures whilst refrigerated or during transport.

$50.00 + GST
Medi-Temp Electronic Min-max Thermometer

The Medi-Temp Min/Max Recording Thermometer records the minimum and the maximum temperatures and can also be set to alarm if the temperature gets too low or high.

$40.00 + GST