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Controlled Temperature Pharmaceutical Cabinet

Many pharmaceutical products need to be stored at a specific temperature range of around 20 degrees Celsius and their lifespan can be quickly diminished if they get much cooler or hotter. Although the temperature range may normally be regarded as room temperature the Australian climate with bitter Winter frosts and blazing Summers can see the room temperature going outside the pharmaceutical product's allowable temperature range.

The solution to this problem is to use a controlled temperature cabinet which can maintain the temperature of the medication within a very tight range by using a heater for warmth and a refrigeration unit for cooling.
Controlled Temperature Cabinet - 125 litres

The MLi125 controlled temperature cabinet has the ability to both heat and cool which allows it accurately maintain the temperature inside the cabinet. The controlled temperature cabinet has a capacity of 125 litres and includes features such as temperature alarms, door alarms and back to base connectivity.

$2595.00 + GST
IR Series Controlled Temperature Cabinet

4 to 80°C Steridium Controlled Temperature Cabinets are used by facilities throughout the world which demand the highest standards of construction and performance. Chambers are manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel, and the exteriors epoxy powder coated, to give exceptional longevity with minimal maintenance.

NLMi Refrigerated Incubator - 1000 litres

The NLMRI 1000 refrigerated incubator is designed and manufactured in Australia for laboratory use. It will hold the contents of the incubator at a precise temperature. 

$7095.00 + GST
NULINE NHRi400 - 350 Litre
Nuline controlled temperature cabinet
 Microprocessor controlled
 Heating and cooling
 Automatic defrost cycle
 Door lock
 Interior lighting
$4915.00 + GST